High Image Quality - Low Dose

Confidence for You and Your Doctor

CT has become an indispensable exam for a variety of conditions, which makes it even more important for you to be aware of radiation dose over time.  We offer advanced imaging capabilities that feature high quality, low dose diagnostic exams with the Philips Ingenuity CT scanner to help enhance patient care.

Our goal is always to help patients get the most out of each exam, aiding diagnostic confidence.  Ingenuity CT offers high image quality with 4 cm coverage and personalized dose.  Patients will appreciate the enhanced speed of their CT scans.  Clinicians can be confident that they're getting access to the latest imaging technology.

The system offers the necessary tools to perform successful CTA exams including cardiac CT angiography.  O-MAR metal artifact reduction for large orthopedic implants helps reduce streaking and improve image quality.

What is a CT Scan?

CT, which stands for Computed Tomography (sometimes referred to as a "CAT" scan), is a fast diagnostic tool doctors can use to see inside the body.  Doctors use the information they get from a CT scan to rule out or confirm the presence of certain abnormalities or diseases. 

Why is Low-Dose Scanning Important?

Low-dose scanning that also provides high image quality is important because it can help manage your lifetime exposure to radiation dose while giving you and your physicians the information needed to help plan for your treatment and care.

Do I Need to Do Anything Special to Prepare for My CT Scan?

How you prepare for your CT scan depends on what part of the body is being examined and the protocols used here at Susan B. Allen.  In some cases the staff may ask you to change into a hospital gown for the exam.  And you may be asked to not eat or drink anything before your exam.

Before Your Exam.

A CT scanner combines X-rays with advanced computer processing technology to create detailed images of your internal structures and organs.  You will be asked to lie still on a table as it gently moves you through the scanner.  You may be given a contrast agent, either by injection or orally.  Be sure to inform your physician or technologist if you have any allergies or believe you are pregnant.

How Long Will My CT Exam Take?

The length of your CT exam depends on which particular study, or studies, your doctor has ordered.  Most exams are quick, lasting just a few minutes.

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