Mammography Self-Referral Program

Screening mammogram appointments can be made without a physician order here at Susan B. Allen Memorial Hospital.  Simply give us a call, schedule your appointment, and we'll provide your primary care physician with your results. 

To schedule your screening mammogram, call 316.322.4510.

3D Mammography Latest in High-Tech Breast Care

Susan B. Allen was one of the first healthcare providers in the region to offer the new advanced 3D mammography technology, the Selenia Dimensions 5000 with C-View™ software from Hologic. This lower-dose 3D mammography (breast tomosynthesis) is the latest innovation in breast cancer screening which offers superior performance to 2D alone.

Hologic’s new C-View™ software creates a 2D image from the 3D dataset, removing the need for a separate 2D exposure. The elimination of the 2D exposure  results in patients spending less time under compression and a reduction in radiation, while providing the improved  clinical benefits of 3D mammography – increased diagnostic accuracy  and reduced recall rates.

“Lower-dose 3D mammography is a significant enhancement to this game-changing technology, “ said Fred Mueller, Director of Diagnostic Imaging Services.  “Even though 3D mammography exams using traditional 2D images met FDA safety standards, some patients worried about the level of radiation exposure. Hologic’s C-View option completely eliminates that concern while still providing the superb clinical performance we have come to depend upon from this technology. We are very pleased to be able to offer women the full benefits of 3D mammography coupled with faster exam times, a lower dose and an overall better patient experience.”

What is a 3D mammography breast exam?
3D mammography is just like your annual mammogram but far more accurate in earlier breast cancer detection.

3D works by capturing multiple slices (images) of the breast, from several angles. The images create a layered 3D breast image.  Our radiologist is then able to review your breast, one thin slice at a time, almost like turning pages in a book, which makes it easier for them to see if there is anything to be concerned about.

3D mammography complements standard 2D mammography and is performed at the same time with the same system. There is no additional compression required and the exam takes just about the same time as a standard mammogram.

Why we offer a 3D mammography service:
The 3D service that we offer is simply a better mammogram. Several large clinical studies have shown that a 3D mammogram is a more accurate exam, finding serious cancers 40% earlier than 2D mammography alone. And, it dramatically reduces the chance that you will be called back for additional imaging by up to 40%.

3D mammography is approved for all women who would be undergoing a standard mammogram regardless of age or breast type, whether you are coming in for a screening and/or diagnostic mammogram.

How much radiation is used for this type of mammogram?
Our site uses the lowest dose available for 3D mammography.  Very little X-ray dose is used during the 3D mammography exam, just about the same as a standard 2D mammogram, and lower than a traditional film mammogram.  The total patient dose is well within the FDA safety standards for mammography.

For more information:
For more information about mammography services, or other diagnostic imaging services offered at Susan B. Allen, please call 316.322.4510.

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